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Seeking, Striving and Serving Through UGs

Amidst enjoying the activities, our cadets learn important life skills and values such as teamwork and resilience while striving for excellence, and achieve a sense of pride through actively serving the school, community, and country.

Cadets in kayaks. Not a sight one would traditionally associate with Uniformed Groups -- it
’s perhaps more expected of sports groups. But UG cadets in Serangoon Secondary School enjoy an exciting array of outdoor activities that not only build their resilience but also strengthen their character. Kayaking, which cadets take on as part of the combined UG Kayaking Certification course, is only one such example.


Our UGs have consistently achieved numerous awards over the years. In particular, since 2014, they have achieved the Gold awards in each of their highly competitive unit competitions.


This success is due in no small measure to the dedication of the teachers in-charge, and the comprehensive UG framework designed to nurture in all cadets the following: self-leadership in Secondary One, peer leadership in Secondary Two, unit leadership in Secondary Three, and mentorship in their final year, when they teach other cadets to lead the units.


Indeed, the unbeatable experience offered by our five UGs – Guides, Scouts, NCC (Land), NPCC, and Red Cross Youth – has over the years emerged as one of the hallmarks of the school experience here.


Mr Fong Yi Shuen, our school’s UG Coordinator, has this to say: “Uniformed Groups are not usually the first thing that comes to mind when one thinks of the word 'fun'. However, our cadets tough it out and see themselves grow in character, leadership, and discipline.”


Indeed, beyond the tangibles, being part of a UG offers our students rich and rewarding opportunities to pick up vital life skills -- from field cooking to tent pitching to roughing it out in UG camps. The teamwork and camaraderie gleaned from the hours spent working together, shoulder to shoulder, at meeting rooms and in the outdoors, serve to provide the deep connections with fellow cadets -- connections that endure beyond their secondary school years.


In the words of student leader Seah Jia Ying, Isabelle: “Being a member of NPPC has given me the opportunity to forge friendships with students from different streams as we undergo training together and learn to work as a team towards common goals.”


Through the UGs, our school creates valuable learning opportunities beyond the confines of the classroom to equip and ready our students with the skills and aptitudes to thrive in an increasingly complex world.


The UGs maintain strong ties with the alumni through their active involvement in and support for UG programmes and activities. Our alumni members return to home ground to conduct training sessions, bringing with them a treasure trove of anecdotes and memories of the school, keeping the school spirit burning strong.


Cadets in our school also serve at various school and community events with pride and dedication, providing crucial yeoman support.


Indeed, to borrow our school motto, there are limitless opportunities for a cadet to seekstrive, and serve through our UGs!