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Student Management

 (Please refer to our Student Handbook for detailed school rules).

General Conduct

All StaRs are to …

  • attend school regularly
  • wear the school uniforms smartly
  • be punctual for school and all school activities. Latecomers will face disciplinary action.
  • be seated at the Parade Square by 07.30am
  • attend the daily flag-raising and pledge-taking ceremony which starts promptly at 07.35am

All StaRs who are Singapore citizens must

  • sing the National Anthem and School Song clearly and with gusto and
  • recite the Pledge clearly and proudly

All StaRs who are non-Singaporeans will stand at attention throughout the ceremony.

All StaRs are to …

  • be polite and respectful at all times in speech and actions.
  • be courteous to all school staff, vendors, fellow school mates  and visitors
  • be considerate to others both within and outside the school premises
  • be able to follow instructions given by the school authorities
  • produce a medical certificate if absent from school
  • submit a formal request to the school for permission to attend to any urgent private matters

StaRs who wish to leave school during school hours must observe the following procedure:

  • obtain permission from the Principal/Vice-Principals
  • inform Form Teacher
  • contact parent/guardian to come to the school
  • receive the ‘Permission to leave school’ note
  • leave school only when escorted by the parent/guardian 

Classroom Conduct

All StaRs are to …

  • be responsible for their learning
  • observe the classroom protocol at all times
  • be attentive at all times
  • sit up straight and take notes during lessons
  • be equipped with their textbooks and other materials required
  • do their best to complete work and assignments given
  • be punctual in submitting work and assignments done
  • maintain desk and chair in good condition
  • take good care of school facilities and equipment. Vandalism of school property will be severely dealt with.
  • request for the teacher’s permission and an EXIT pass to leave the classroom
  • knock on the door and ask for permission to enter the classroom

Canteen Conduct

All StaRs are to …

  • leave the classroom for recess with the teacher’s permission when the bell rings
  • stay clear of the kitchen area in the canteen
  • queue in an orderly manner when buying food or drinks
  • buy and consume food and/or drinks during recess only
  • return all used plates and utensils to the tray collection points of the respective stalls
  • keep the canteen clean and free of litter


Use of Electronic Devices

  • All students are strongly discouraged from bringing any electronic devices (e.g. handphones, tablets, laptops etc.) to school as they can be a cause of distraction to student learning and the learning of others.
  • Students who wish to contact their parents/guardian may use the telephone located outside the General Office.
  • Any electronic devices brought into school are the sole responsibility of the student and must remain switched off in the classroom at all times.
  • Students should not leave their electronic devise unattended at any time.
  • Handphones can only be used at the following stated locations and timings within the school for the following purposes:

  • Communication with parents
  • Learning and educational purposes (e.g. searching for information on net, documenting a learning journey, research, relaxation, etc.)

  • Canteen
  • Foyer

  • Before 07.25am
  • During Recess
  • After Dismissal

Handphones must remain switched off at all other time and location within the school, unless it is with explicit permission from a school staff.

If any of the electronic devices stated above is not used responsibly by any student in the school compound, the device will be confiscated without exceptions and claimable only after 5pm.  Repeat offenders and students who do not surrender their device to school staff will face suspension. 

Possession of Weapons 

All students are not allowed to have in their possession any weapon. They are also not allowed to bring any weapon-like item which is used or intended to be used to cause harm to others.

Conduct Grades

Students are assessed based on the following guidelines:

  • Consistently behaves in an exemplary manner
    • is always courteous, polite and respectful
    • is always dependable; does things well on his/her owns
    • hows very clear sense of right and wrong through speech
    • and action
  • Attends school and school activities regularly
  • Work is always submitted on time
  • Has not committed any minor or serious offence
  • Gets along very well with classmates
Very Good
  • Consistently behaves well –
    • is always courteous, polite and respectful
    • is dependable; does things well on his/her own most of the time
    • shows clear sense of right and wrong through speech and action
  • Attends school and school activities regularly
  • Work is always submitted on time
  • Has not committed any minor or serious offence
  • Gets along well with classmates


  • Behaves well most of the time –
    • is courteous, polite and respectful most of the time
    • is dependable; does things well on his/her own most of the  time
    • shows sense of right and wrong through speech and action most of the time
  • Attends school and school activities regularly
  • Work is usually submitted on time
  • Has not committed any  serious offence
  • Gets along well with classmates 


  • Occasionally shows unacceptable behaviour –
    • Needs guidance from teachers on behaviour
  • Attendance for school and school activities is regular with occasional truancy
  • Work is usually not submitted on time
  • Absent from CCA persistently without MC or valid reason
  • Has committed a serious offence
  • Has occasional relationship difficulty with classmates 


  • Frequently shows unacceptable behaviour –
    • Needs regular counselling by teachers on behaviour
  • Attendance for school and school activities is irregular with truancy
  • Has difficulty getting along with classmates
  • Work is often not submitted on time
  • No CCA
  • Absent from CCA persistently without MC or valid reason
  • Has committed either a few serious offence or multiple occurrences of a single serious offence 

Attire and Appearance

All StaRs must …

  • wear the school uniform smartly within and outside the school premises, during and after school hours and even during the holidays
  • wear the prescribed uniform
  • not modify and alter the school uniform in any way
  • wear the school uniform for all school assemblies 
  • wear the school uniform during morning assembly
  • button up and tuck in the school shirt at all times 
  • wear the name tag 1.5 cm above the pocket of the school shirt
  • wear school T-shirts and school shorts for PE lessons and games
  • wear CCA T-shirts only during their respective CCA activities 
  • tuck in all T-shirts at all times
  • wear a simple black or dark blue sweater, cardigan or jacket to keep warm
  • keep a simple hairstyle that projects a wholesome appearance 
  • wear plain-looking spectacles or regular colourless contact lenses, if required 
  • keep finger nails short and neat and with no nail polish applied
  • wear religious ornaments,amulet or talisman obscurely, if required 
  • wear shoes which are completely black, with black socks that are visible above the ankle 


  • not sport outlandish hairstyles, streaking, tinting, dyeing or colouring of hair 
  • not wear any form of make-up
  • not wear any jewellery or fashion accessories 
  • not wear nose studs / tongue studs or any type of body stubs 
  • not have any tattoos or body piercing
  • not wear any class T-shirt for school events, unless special permission is given

All female students are to…

  • tie up their hair neatly once it touches the second collar line.
  • keep their fringe away from their eyebrows.
  • wear only plain black or blue ribbons, hair bands and/or hairclips 
  • wear knee-length  skirts 
  • wear only a pair of simple ear-studs
girl hairstyle.jpg

Pin up to keep the fringe away from the eyebrows

Hair beyond collar length must be tied up.

All male students are to…

  • keep their hair short and neat, not touching the ears and eyebrows 
  • be clean-shaven with no visible facial hair 
  • keep their sideburns short 
  • have a hairstyle that shows evidence of a slope at the back of the head
  • wear long pants, and a prescribed but optional blue/black belt with a simple buckle 
  • pants should not be tapered and should cover the ankle completely
  • not allowed to sport semi-shaven or uneven hairstyles
  • not allowed to wear ear-studs/ear-sticks

boy hairstyle.jpg

Slope at back part of the head

*Please note that students with improper attire will be counselled and will be expected to rectify the issue on the spot, failing which, the student will be sent home and will only be allowed to return when the expectations of Serangoon StaRs are met.

*Any accessories not permissible by the school rules will be confiscated and claimable only by parents/guardians.