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Counselling and Student Welfare Support

Student Welfare and Well-Being

In Serangoon Secondary School, we strongly encourage help-seeking behaviours in our students. 

Positive help-seeking behaviours demonstrate the courage and strength to seek ways to understand oneself better, to get support for help to make things better  and take a step towards improving our well-being and happiness.

In addition to approaching their teachers for help, students also have access to the School’s Student Development Team comprising of Year Heads, Assistant Year Heads, Subject Head Student Welfare and the School’s Counselling and Student Welfare (SCSW) Team. 

If you would like to find out more about how you could be supported, you may contact us via this link. 


Self-Coping Strategies

There are times in our lives when we encounter stressful and distressing situations and the people we would usually turn to for support may be temporarily not available. Having a set of healthy coping skills is a key to getting through those difficult times. It helps you to tolerate and deal with the stressful situations with a clearer mind and making better informed decisions.

Below are some helpful coping strategies you can try out for yourself to get through the difficult time until you can speak to someone whom you value and trust. 

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*Please note that even though there are free versions of these apps, some versions require in-app purchases. In such cases, please check with your parents and seek approval and endorsement from them prior to the purchase.

2. Calm

Community Resources for Help_Seeking Behaviours

Organisation/AgencyType of HelpContact
Samaritans of Singapore (SOS) For crisis help or emotional distress

Email Befriending by SOS:

1800 - 221-4444
IMH Mobile Crisis ServiceFor crisis help and mental well-being issues6389 2222 (24 hrs) 
Singapore Association for Mental Health Uplifting and promoting mental wellness in the community1800 283 7019
eCounselling (eC2)Online one to one chat for youth issues
(Mon-Fri – 2pm-5.30pm)

Help123 Cyber Wellness Community Support
1800 6123 123

Awareness of mental health;

Access to mental health resources;

Assess, a confidential and personalised mental health check for young persons between 16 and 30 years old.

Phone: 6493 6500,                                   6493 6501

*Scape, 2 Orchard Link #05-05 Singapore 237978

12 - 9pm, Tuesday
2 - 9pm, Wednesday
12 - 9pm, Tuesday - Saturday (closed on public holidays)

For International Students
6801 7400

Locators for Community Resources