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Values In Action

      The objectives for Values in Action (VIA) are

  • to nurture our StaRs to become socially responsible citizens;
  • to nurture our StaRs to contribute meaningfully to the community;
  • to nurture our StaRs to be reflective individuals.

VIA Overview


Care for My SchoolSec 1-5
Care for My EnvironmentSec 1
Care for My CommunitySec 2 
Care for My NationSec 3 
Care for My School/Environment/Community/NationSec 4/5 

This progressive approach seeks to develop the competencies required to prepare our StaRs to be useful and responsible members of the community. Through the various programmes, our StaRs will exercise their social responsibility and play their part through meaningful contribution to the community. This would not have been possible without the support of our partners such as St. Luke’s Elder Care, Housing Development Board (Project SPHERE) and Jia Ying Senior Activity Centre. The overall VIA experience will allow our StaRs to make personal commitments and effect positive change on others.

Sec 1

Sec 2

Sec 3

Sec 4 & 5