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Green Serangoon

"New Gardens in Serangoon Secondary School"

In 2011, two new gardens were set up at the SerangoonSecondary School during August. The themes are: “National Flowers Garden” and “Singapore Native Plants Garden”. The gardens are located between the classroom blocks between block G and F;G and H.

The “National Flowers Garden” consists of national flowers from different countries, e.g Vanda Miss Joaquim from Singapore, Hibiscus from Malaysia, rose from USA, Melati( Jasmine) from Indonesia or Sampagita from Philippines, Caesalpinia from Barbados and Bougainvillea from Grenada.

The “Singapore Native Plants Garden” consists of plants that are native plants grown in Singapore, e.g. Melastoma, Arundina, Cheilocostus, Ixora, Dianella ensifolia and Bird’s Nest Fern.

garden1.pngNational Flowers Garden
garden4.pngSingapore Native Plants Garden

Flowers from “National Flowers Garden”

garden5.pngVanda Miss Joaquim from Singapore
garden6.pngRose from USA
garden7.pngCaesalpinia from Barbados
garden8.pngHibiscus from Malaysia
Sampagita from Philippines/ Melati from Indonesia
garden10.pngBougainvillea from Grenada

Plants from Singapore Native Plants Garden


Bird Nest Fern

garden15.pngDianella ensifolia

Nephrolepis biserrata