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STEM Applied Learning Programme (ALP)

The STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) ALP on Future of Transportation allows students to integrate Science and Mathematics concepts with Technology and Engineering of Transportation. It provides opportunities for students to relate their learning to transportation in real life and explore possibilities and develop the curiosity to create their model of transportation.

The Future of Transportation Applied Learning Programme (ALP) seeks to involve students in shaping the way we move in future. 




 Learning Objectives



3D Modelling and Printing Programme

  • Understand the applications of 3D printing
  • Use basic tools and functions in 3D modelling
  • Create a 3D design prototype using a 3D modelling software
  • Develop critical and creative thinking  skills through design to solve real-world problems



Drones Programming

  • Understand the theories of flight such as  aerodynamics and interaction of forces in flight
  • Explore the theories of flight in a simulated environment
  • Apply the theories of  flight to programming drones using block programming
  • Decompose  elements in theories of flight into isolated individual problem sets when  programming drones
  • Create  algorithms to get drones to fly and attain specific objectives
  • Test and debug  programmes to meet specific objectives


Sec 2-3 EXP/NA (selected students)

Infocomm Club Programmes

  • Discover and explore new emerging technologies
  • Showcase their creativity and technical talents
  • Learn basic programming skills