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STEM Applied Learning Programme (ALP)


The theme for the school's STEM ALP is 'Real World Explorations in ICT'. The STEM ALP aims to prepare students for the workplace of the future by providing learning opportunities for them to acquire and apply their knowledge and critical thinking skills in solving problems through explorations in STEM and equip them with  21st century competencies (21CC). The two key programmes are: (1) Drones Programming for all Sec 2 students and (2) 3D Modelling and Printing Programme for all Sec 1 students. Both programmes aim to spark students' interest to consider careers in Aerospace Engineering, Transportation and Infrastructure, Entertainment and Media, Telecommunications, Health Sciences and Health Care, Architecture and others. In addition, the Code For Fun Programme, an ICT-based enrichment programme, is provided for lower secondary students and aims to nurture a new generation of digital natives with a passion to create using technology . Selected Sec 3 express and Sec 3 normal technical students are provided with opportunities to pursue their interest and apply their knowledge and skills in MOE or MOE-ITE applied subjects, such as, Computing and Mobile Robotics.

A tiered approach is used in the implementation of STEM ALP  to provide opportunities for the holistic development of students.




Student Programmes


Learning Objectives




3D Modelling and Printing Programme

  • Understand the applications of  3D printing
  • Use basic tools and functions  in 3D modelling
  • Create a 3D design prototype using  a 3D modelling software
  • Develop critical and creative thinking  skills through design to solve real-world problems



Drones Programming

  • Understand the theories of flight such as  aerodynamics and interaction of forces in flight
  • Explore the theories  of flight in a simulated environment
  • Apply the theories of  flight to programming drones using block programming
  • Decompose  elements in theories of flight into isolated individual problem sets when  programming drones
  • Create  algorithms to get drones to fly and attain specific objectives
  • Test and debug  programmes to meet specific objectives


Sec 1-2 EXP/NA

Code For Fun Programme

  • Empower  students to be digital creators
  • Cultivate  real-world problem solving skills
  • Encourage  digital creativity and innovation
  • Foster  collaboration and co-creation


Sec 3 EXP (selected students)

Computing (MOE Applied Subject)

  • Develop an appreciation  of the range and power of computer applications
  • Foster an interest in,  enjoyment of, and confidence in the use of computing
  • Develop the ability to  solve problems using computing techniques
  • Develop an awareness of  the place of computing in society and issues computing raises in society
  • Gain a firm  understanding of the basic techniques and knowledge required for computing  applications; and develop a desire to use computers within other interests.


Sec 3 NT(selected students)

Mobile Robotics (MOE-ITE Applied subject)

  • Enable  students to develop capabilities and skills for problem-solving and critical  thinking through automation and robotics
  • Provide  opportunities for students to apply and refine design approaches in  automation and robotics towards a viable solution
  • Stimulate  curiosity and interest in automated technology through design and build  activities
  • Promote an  awareness of:
o the impact of automated technology on society,  industry, business, home and leisure; as well as
o the changing and progressive nature of automated  technology.
  • Enable  students to acquire knowledge and skills in preparation for post-secondary  technical courses; and inculcate in students safety consciousness and safe  working habits.