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Physical Education

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Our Vision

Every StaR active and SHINE in Sport

Our Mission

To nurture lifeskills and values through a love for physical activities in each StaR

Our Goals

Every StaR to adopt a healthy lifestyle.

Every StaR to demonstrate physical skills competently.

Every StaR to display values and uphold character in sports.

Physical Education Programme


The purpose of Physical Education is to enable students to demonstrate individually and with others the physical skills, practices, and values to enjoy a lifetime of active, healthy living. Through our PE programme, StaRs will be equipped with the knowledge and skills to play seven sports by the time they graduate. They will also learn about health and fitness management, healthy eating, and weight management as well as taking responsibility of their own safety in physical activities under the Physical Health and Fitness component. In Outdoor Education, students engage their sense of adventure through exploration of both natural and urban environments in their immediate surroundings.

Physical Education provides a natural platform for students to clarify and act on their personal values. It is an authentic setting which allows for social interactions and demonstration of positive emotions as well as social behaviors. Students also get the opportunity to work with each other when they conduct skills assessment with their peers, as well as be self-directed in their learning as they seek to improve their game skills. With the problem-solving nature of many physical activities, students have numerous instances to communicate positively with others, source for information as well as to think critically and creatively – all necessary for 21st century living. Through our PE programme, students will acquire sound moral values, develop social skills and grow holistically to be a better person.

Level Cohort Camps

Every StaR in Serangoon Secondary school undergoes a 4D3N cohort camp twice in their secondary school education, at Sec 1 and at Sec 3. This is in line with the MOE National Outdoor Adventure Education Master Plan to provide students with the opportunity to overcome challenges and build resilience while working with others in the outdoors, from which they will gain important values and life lessons. The programme includes high elements, kayaking, coastal walk, outdoor cooking and team-bonding activities.


Started in 2014, the annual Serangoon Secondary X-Country (SSXC) is held at our own backyard, where students begin the run at Punggol Promenade and run a distance of 3.6km back to school. Each student participates either as a competitive or mass runner, and accumulates points for the class. This is a sports event that students look forward to every year, where every StaR is active and SHINE in sports!

Inter-Class Games

As part of the PE Syllabus, students get to participate in recreational competitions like the Inter-Class Games which provide a platform for students to apply the understanding of the skills and values learned during PE lessons in an authentic competition setting. They learn to work in a team, cooperate and communicate with others in working together towards a common goal.


The lower secondary music syllabus is a 2-year programme which allows students to discover their potential through skill sets such as listening, composing, and music making.

In Serangoon Secondary School, we aim to provide students a platform to express their musical creativity and awareness of self and others through learning how to play a musical instrument, composition in lyrics and music, as well as other programmes to cater to various learning needs. Our music programme also aims to provide a platform for students to practise the application of social skills in a real environment.

Music Teachers:

  • Ms Cheryl Ho
  • Ms Moritza Lim