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Normal Technical



Nurturing every students to lead a value and purpose-driven life and pursue relentlessly


  • To provide a quality learning experience through real and authentic learning
  • To strive towards both academic and character excellence
  • Prepare students for ITE through various courses

Elective Module

This program serves as an extension of what is learnt in current N(T) subjects or give students insight into the types of jobs and industries that they might be interested in. The practical, hands-on nature of the modules engages students and deepens their understanding of the concepts taught.

All NT students are to go through at least two STEM EM Cat A conducted in ITE and one EM Cat B courses.  The Elective Modules will be chosen according to interest and relevance to skills of the future industry.

Secondary 2 Mobile Robotics

The Secondary 2 students were introduced to Mobile Robotics in Semester 2. Students were trained to apply the basic knowledge and practical skills based upon the fundamental principles of Mechatronics. They learned to learn simple electronics circuits with common electronic devices such as switches, sensors, resistors, LEDs and etc. The training also involves programming by means of micro-controller program development software, the interpretation of simple engineering drawings and creation of simple flowcharts, culminating in the ability to solve simple automation problems.

Students will be awarded ITE Certificate of Achievement with 1 credit exemption when he/she enters ITE. Student must attain the attendance of at least 75% with pass grade.



Secondary 3
CAT A - Design and Build Your Own Glider at ITE College Central

The program is to provide the student an insight into a possible career of an aircraft engineering specialist. The program aims to ignite a passion for Aeronautics that will encourage them to pursue higher education in the field of Aeronautics upon graduating from secondary school.

CAT A - Making my First Computer at ITE College East

Creating Computer from Scratch. Students will be taught about the basic parts of the computer and computer network. They will also learn to assemble a computer and how to set a new network within an area.

Secondary 4
Fun with Digital Making


VIA/Cultural Exchange – Overseas Learning Journey


Location/Date: Khmer Village Homestay, SomRong Village, Baray District, Kampong Thom Province, Cambodia from 9 Nov 2018 to 14 Nov 2018.

11 male students  have been selected from Sec 2NT and 3NT and will be accompanied by 3 male teachers.