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Our Vision

Every student is passionate about Mathematics

Our Mission

  • To provide a level of mastery in Mathematics for all students that will serve them well in life
  • To enable students with interest and ability to pursue Mathematics at the highest possible level

Our Curriculum

Key Objectives

  • Enable students to acquire mathematical concepts and skills
  • Develop cognitive and meta cognitive skills (Processes, self-directed learning)
  • Develop positive attitudes towards Mathematics (confidence, interest, appreciation, perseverance)

Learning Experience

The department places a strong emphasis on how students learn. We believe in providing Learning Experiences in Mathematics through

  • Inductive approach in discovering mathematical concepts and skills
  • Use of ICT to facilitate the learning of concepts and skills 
  • Relating Mathematics to the real world context 
  • Learning of Mathematics in a fun way

Our Mathematics Department Team

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Our support for students learning Mathematics in Serangoon Secondary School

·       Mastery Learning Programme

·       Foundation Mathematics Bridging Programme

·       SBB/OOS Bridging Programme

·       Secondary 1 Math Games Day

Our Programme Highlights

To develop positive attitudes (beliefs, interests, appreciation, confidence, perseverance) and joy of learning Mathematics in students, students are given opportunities to learn Mathematics through playing of games and working on collaborative tasks.

Students working collaboratively on mathematical exploratory tasks.

Students applying their learning of Mathematical concepts by playing the Mathematics game cards designed by the department teachers.



Students apply their learning in Mathematics by solving problem in real-life using household objects and stationary through their performance tasks, 

Principles of Accounts (POA)


Principles of Accounts introduces students to the world of business. Students will learn the basics of financial accounting and develop their abilities to prepare and analyse accounting information to provide insights about the performance and position of a business as well as to communicate and use the information for decision-making. In the learning process, students will also realise the importance of professional ethics in the business environment. These thinking skills, values and approaches to problem solving are enduring and valuable for any field of work that the students may endeavour to undertake in an increasingly complex world.

Our support for students learning POA in Serangoon Secondary School

Students will learn POA through a variety of experiences such as

·       Mastery Learning Programme

·       Hands-on activities

·       Reading of articles

·       Working collaboratively

·       Learning through videos