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Our Vision

Every student is passionate about Mathematics

Our Mission

  • To provide a level of mastery in Mathematics for all students that will serve them well in life
  • To enable students with interest and ability to pursue Mathematics at the highest possible level

Our Curriculum

Key Objectives

  • Enable students to acquire mathematical concepts and skills
  • Develop cognitive and meta cognitive skills (Processes, self-directed learning)
  • Develop positive attitudes towards Mathematics (confidence, interest, appreciation, perseverance)

Learning Experience

The department places a strong emphasis on how students learn. We believe in providing Learning Experiences in Mathematics through

  • Inductive approach in discovering mathematical concepts and skills
  • Use of ICT to facilitate the learning of concepts and skills 
  • Relating Mathematics to the real world context 
  • Learning of Mathematics in a fun way

Our Mathematics Department Team


Our Programme Highlights

Students experienced Joy of learning in Mathematics through playing of Mathematical and logic games during lessons and Math Games Day.

Students working collaboratively on Mathematical exploratory tasks to develop positive attitudes (beliefs, interests, appreciation, confidence, perseverance).

Our Accomplishments


Singapore and Asian Schools Math Olympiad 2018 (1 Silver, 1 Bronze)

UNSW Math 2018(2 Distinction, 10 Credit and Merit)

Singapore Mathematics Kangaroo Contest 2018 (4 Bronze)


Singapore Mathematics Kangaroo Contest 2017 (2 Gold, 1 Silver, 5 Bronze)

Singapore and Asian Schools Math Olympiad 2017 (2 Silver, 2 Bronze)

UNSW Math 2017 (1 High Distinction, 24 Credit and Merit)