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Information Technology

ICT Vision

A Self-Directed and Collaborative Community of Teachers and Learners, harnessing ICT to develop our StaRs' full potential. 

ICT Goals


ICT Goal 1: Strong ICT Leadership 

1.1 Involvement of SLs in directing ICT vision in collaboration with the IP Heads and ICT Committee.
1.2 SLs to champion use of ICT in enhancing administrative functions.
1.3 IP Heads to lead departments in cascading school ICT vision through effective strategies customised to department teaching and learning needs.
1.4 ICT Committee to identify school ICT needs and work with respective owners to meet these needs including working with SSD to address staff PD needs, working with IP departments through the IP Heads and ICT mentors.
1.5 ICT Committee to streamline ICT personnel areas of responsibility to more effectively support school ICT plans.
ICT Goal 2: Harnessing ICT in Curriculum, Teaching and Learning 
2.1 To incorporate ICT meaningfully into Curriculum, Teaching and Learning to bring about effective student engagement through SDL and CoL.
ICT Goal 3:  Staff Development
3.1 To provide staff with support and autonomy in skilful use of ICT to bring about student engagement.
3.2 To develop staff competencies in effective use of ICT.
3.3 To enhance departmental team collaborations in ICT use to bring about effective student engagement.

ICT Goal 4: Explicit ICT Curriculum

4.1 Development of students' ICT competencies through explicit instruction and training.
4.2 Education efforts in cyberwellness.

ICT Goal 5: Provision of Resources and Infrastructure

5.1 To support the use and development of ICT teaching and learning resources.
5.2 To develop an ICT rich school environment.
5.3 To support students' acquisition of ICT resources.
ICT Goal 6: Partnerships
6.1 To source for external partners to enrich ICT experiences for staff and students.