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SSS Vision, Mission, Values, Philosophy, and Strategic Thrusts

School Vision

Resilient Individuals
Passionate Learners
Active Contributors

School Mission

Moulding Character
Igniting Passion
Building Community

School Values


School Philosophy

Together, we empower every Serangoon StaR to SHINE, for the growth of self and the good of others.
      • Together: We believe that every stakeholder – parents, teachers, CCA instructors, School Advisory Committee, alumni, and partners  – has a clearly defined and significant role to play in developing our StaRs. We actively bring our stakeholders together to continuously build the school community. These collaborations complement and reinforce the values, skills, and knowledge that we want to equip in our StaRs.   
      • Empower: As educators, we constantly improve our professional knowledge, competencies, and skills to design learning opportunities both inside and outside the classroom for our StaRs to SHINE. We lead by example to spark joyful learning in our StaRs, care for their personal development, and inspire them to give their best in every situation.
      • Growth of self: We inculcate a growth mindset in our StaRs. With this growth mindset, StaRs will always seek to learn for life by embracing challenges and persisting in the face of obstacles. 
      • Good of others: We guide our StaRs to consider the needs of the people in our community. Their actions must enrich and make a positive difference in the lives of the people around them.

Strategic Thrusts

Strategic Thrust 1: Positive Student Experiences and Well-Being

Strategic Thrust 2: Learned 21st Century Citizens

Strategic Thrust 3: Competent and Engaged Staff