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Principal's Message 

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Principal's Message   

Dear members of the Serangoon StaRs community, Serangoon Secondary School has a long and rich history of nurturing valuable members of our society. The school was founded in 1928 as Serangoon English School and has produced a number of distinguished alumni, including at least one cabinet minister, senior civil servants, businessmen and professionals.

As Serangoon Secondary 27th principal, I would like to work with all stakeholders to ensure that our students leave our school portal equipped with the knowledge, values and skills needed to contribute to our society. The world we live in is fast-changing, interconnected and highly demanding - knowledge which our students obtain in the classroom today may well be obsolete by the time they enter the workforce. It is therefore no longer sufficient to teach students; we must instead focus on teaching them to acquire knowledge. We recognize that students must be taught how to learn and to have the passion for learning. This can be accomplished by our Applied Learning Programme (ALP) and Learning for Life Programme (LLP) which all students have an opportunity to participate in.

Our ALP programme, Real World Explorations in ICT, seeks to provide a context for application of the academic knowledge that students will acquire from classroom teaching and provide hands-on training and practical experience for students. In addition, our LLP, Harnessing Student Leadership in the Service of Community, provides students with real-life experiences to develop character and values, cultivate positive attitudes and strengthen their people skills. Both ALP and LLP are distinctive programmes which would enhance our students’ school experience and build our school identity.

We hope to work in partnership with parents and alumni in order to organise meaningful learning experiences for our students and to tap on the vast pool of experience and expertise which our stakeholders offer. As stakeholders with a common interest in student development, it is essential that parents, alumni and staff work closely together to nurture our students into good citizens and develop them to ensure that they are as well prepared as possible to meet the challenges of the future. I am committed to working closely with each and every one of you during my term as principal of Serangoon Secondary School. Together, we shall develop our students to their full potential.

Mdm Tay Siok Hwa

Principal/Serangoon Secondary School