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CCA Achievements & News

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Performing Arts

In 2020, schools have been impacted by the COVID-19 situation. External performances were cancelled, and 2020 is a non-SYF year.

In 2019, the month of April was a busy one for our Performing Arts CCAs as they put up their best for the Singapore Youth Festival (SYF). Preparations started as early as November 2018, with students clocking in countless hours of practice to perfect their performances. Through the tireless sessions, students developed resilience and learnt to work with one another, which also deepened their bonds. The Performing Arts CCA students and teachers had worked hard, and we are definitely proud of their achievements at the SYF Arts Presentations 2019, as shown below:

Chinese Orchestra – Certificate of Accomplishment

Choir – Certificate of Accomplishment

Contemporary Dance – Certificate of Accomplishment

Drama – Certificate of Accomplishment

Guzheng – Certificate of Commendation

Malay Dance – Certificate of Distinction

Symphonic Band – Certificate of Accomplishment

As part of their CCA VIA, five Performing Arts groups – Chinese Orchestra, Choir, Contemporary Dance, Guzheng and Malay Dance – put up performances at the Seng Kang Community Hospital. For many of the Secondary One StaRs, it was their first public performance and they had a positive experience. The Choir was also invited to perform at the Sing Lah! Festival, an event where choirs from around Singapore come together to present a showcase of choral singing. We hope that through platforms like these, our StaRs can be Active Contributors in Building Community – to contribute back to community and at the same time, develop themselves holistically.

Uniformed Groups

Being in a Uniformed Group (UG) CCA means having the opportunity to learn a variety of skills – ranging from camp craft to foot drills – having the opportunity to develop the leadership potential through organising and participating in HQ events, and building the camaraderie with fellow members through the involvement in camps and events. The wide range of activities allow UG members to foster teamwork, build their resilience and character, and serve the community. The graduating cohort ended their last CCA session with the UG Passing-Out Parade, culminating their years of contribution to their CCA on a high, leaving the rest of the members to Serve with Honour!

The achievements by our Uniformed Groups for assessment year of 2019 are as follows:

Girl Guides – Puan Noor Aishah Award (Gold)

National Cadet Corps – Unit Recognition (Certificate of Distinction)

National Police Cadet Corps – Unit Overall Proficiency Award (Gold)

Red Cross Youth – Excellent Unit Award (Gold)

Eagle Scouts – Frank Cooper Sands Award (Gold)

We wish to congratulate Girl Guide, Celeste Tan Khim Hui, on achieving the Baden-Powell Award! Celeste went through rigorous tests and emerged a deserving recipient of the highest award to be given by the Chief Commissioner. Well done, Celeste!

The school joins NCC cadet, Tawfeeq Ibrahim Bin Mohamed Ismail in celebrating the good news of him clinching the Outstanding Cadet Award! We are very proud of his achievement for attaining the highest individual award possible in NCC! Congratulations, Tawfeeq!


In 2020, schools have been impacted by the COVID-19 situation. The National Schools Games were cancelled.

In 2019, the National Schools Games (NSG) for ‘B’ Division commenced as early as January for some of the Sports CCAs, which meant the students started training right after the end-of-year examinations last year. Numerous hours were spent under the sun and training sessions were rigorous. Our StaRs shed blood, sweat and tears as they put in their best for every match. With their game experience, the seniors were also able to provide guidance to the juniors when the NSG for ‘C’ Division commenced in Semester 2. We congratulate the ‘B’ Division players for a job well done in Semester 1! 

‘B’ Division

Basketball – Inter-School Zonals Preliminary Round; ActiveSG-BAS Basketball Development League 

Football – Inter-School Quarter-Finalist (League 3 Championship) 

Netball – Inter-School Zonals Preliminary Round; M1 Schools Challenge League 

Hockey – Inter-School Nationals Hockey Tournament 

Following what the seniors went through in the first part of the year, our ‘C’ Div players represented the school in the National Schools Games (NSG). Competitions were tough but our StaRs displayed resilience and supported each other throughout the competition season. We are proud of our players, regardless of achievement, as it is the effort they put in and growth in character that are more important. Our StaRs will continue to train hard for the next season and strive for their personal best!!

‘C’ Division

Basketball – Inter-School Zonal Championships, 4th position; T-Net@Bukit Merah U-14 Tournament, Champion; Active SG Basketball Development League 

Football – Inter-School League 3 Championships, Quarter-Finalist

Netball – Inter-School Zonal Championships, Quarter-Finalist; M1 Schools Challenge League

Hockey – Inter-School National Championships, Quarter-Finalist