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Student Leadership

Class Committee


The Class Committee plays a very important role in the life of the School. It is one of the important avenues of student leadership in SSS and enables students to participate in the day-to-day running of the school.

The committee will

    Exercise the responsibility of maintaining good order in the class and school.

    Organize and lead the class in the various class activities and school functions.

    Co-operate with the Form and Subject Teachers to ensure that lessons run smoothly and maximum            learning takes place.

How it works






Ø  Role model of exemplary conduct

Ø  Champion of discipline in class

Ø  Guardian of positive class tone

Ø  Overall-In-Charge of  the class 


Ø  Ensures that all the Class Committee Members carry out their duties properly

Ø  Informs the Head of Level if a teacher is absent and no relief has reported

Ø  Ensures the overall good order and cleanliness of the classroom

Ø  Helps prefects in maintaining discipline outside the classroom whenever necessary

Ø  Represents the class at the meetings of class chairmen

Ø  Encourages good class participation in school events and activities (VIA, NE, CCE)

Ø  Assists the Form Teacher with the Class Diary daily.




Ø  Role model of exemplary conduct

Ø  Guardian of positive class tone

Ø  An assistant to the Chairman


Ø  Writes the names of absentees on the board in the morning

Ø  Ensures that there is a sufficient supply and proper use of chalk, white board / marker pens or duster

Ø  Decorates the notice boards in the classroom for different uses

       Class Protocol and duty roster


       Star of the month


       CCE news and ECG Corner (Sec 4s and 5s)

Sports Champion



Ø  Role model of exemplary conduct, especially in areas of PE attire and PE participation 

Ø  Assists the P.E. teacher in conducting of lessons

Ø  Assists the P.E. Department during all intra-school Sports events


Ø  Brings the class down for P.E. lessons and reports class attendance to the P.E. teacher

Ø  Leads the conducting of warm-up and helps the P.E. teacher in organizing the P.E. activity for the period

Ø  Ensures that all equipment is returned immediately after the end of the P.E. period, and assists the teacher to return equipment to PE store

Ø  Ensures that the class is prepared and is participating in all inter-class competitions. (Takes charge of registration of sports events and proactively encourages class participation)


Environmental Champion



Ø  Role model of exemplary conduct 

Ø  Assists the Chairman to keep the classroom clean

Ø  Assists the Environmental teacher-in-charge on all environmental related matters


Ø  Prepares the class duty roster (two students per day) and reminds classmates of duty

Ø  Ensures that the class is kept informed of all environmental matters

Ø  Ensures 100% saving of used paper and plastic drink bottles in class and P.E. lessons

Ø  Ensures the weekly transfer of collected paper and used bottles to the recycling corner at the canteen

Ø  Encourages classmates during recess and after school to return all utensils to their proper bins and drink cans and plastic bottles to the recycling corner

Ø  Monitors and informs Form Teacher of class cleanliness and recycling effort


IT Champion



Ø  Role model of exemplary conduct 

Ø  Assists the Chairman to keep the classroom clean

Ø  Assists Subject Teachers on all IT equipment related matters


Ø  Assists the Class in the proper maintenance and use of the visualizer and projector

Ø  Reports promptly any damage to the Form Teacher and IT Department through the online report module 

Ø  Assists Subject Teacher to ensure students sits according to the seating plan  when in the IT lab. 

The objectives of the Serangoon Student Leadership Development Plan (SSLeaD) are:

  • To maintain a positive school tone through enhanced student leadership.
  • To develop student leaders in selected leadership competencies as part of their holistic development.

The school has adapted from the “7 Habits of Highly Effective People” by Stephen Covey for our leadership model. We train our students to:

Habit 1: Be proactive.
Habit 2: Begin with the End in Mind
Habit 3: Put First Things First
Habit 4: Think Win-Win
Habit 5: Seek First to Understand
Habit 6: Synergize
Habit 7: Sharpen the Saw

The Student Leadership Programme allows our StaRs to develop and hone their leadership skills and qualities at the various tiers of leadership.