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We are a vibrant and welcoming community, passionate about singing and dancing.

We express our soul through music with harmony in our hearts.


Initially just a stationary chorale group, the choir decided to ride on the bandwagon of the rising popularity of show choirs, brought on by films such as Glee and Pitch Perfect. In 2015, the choir participated in our first ever show choir competition, Bdazzled 2015, under the Singapore Show Choir Academy. We won the Platinum Award, the equivalent of a silver medal, which was a proud achievement since it was a novel experience.







Student Reflections


“Choir is very fun and enjoyable even though the trainings are tough at times. I’ve learnt a lot in Choir. The Choir members exhibit teamwork and they are really kind! We are also very determined to do well in all the competitions. Throughout my 2 years in Choir so far, I have enjoyed myself and always look forward to every practice!”

– Pinky Lim, Class 3I5 of 2016


“Practices are real fun with awesome people. I used to think that I would not be able to sing and dance. However, after the practices, I realized that the combination of singing and dancing is very exciting and enjoyable. Everyone seems motivated for our upcoming competitions and we have good teamwork. The instructors and teachers also take care of us and make sure that we are coping well.”

– Gan Wei Shuen, Class 3I4 of 2016

“Choir has given me the courage to sing out and express myself. I get to meet new friends and friendly teachers. Learning the dance steps has been challenging for me but with sufficient practice, diligence pays off. I get to learn the right technique of singing and doing warm-ups. The importance of teamwork has allowed the choir to achieve success. Thanks to the support of the Choir teachers and the school, we are also able to participate in the Show Choir competitions. From secondary 1 to 4, the choir has come a long way to where we are today. I hope that the choir will carry on the good work and continue to strive for excellence.”                                           

                                                                                 Afiqah, Class 4N7 of 2016, Vice-President of Choir



“Over the years, Choir has taught me to be confident, value teamwork and to believe in myself. I also had the honour to be the President in 2015, which provided me with a perfect platform to hone my leadership skills and lead Choir through all the ups and downs.”

-          Alvina Heng, Class 4N7 of 2016, President of Choir

                                                                                                                Alvina, Afiqah & Claudia             

                                                                                                @ SYF 2015

Upcoming Competitions


B’dazzled 2016 ~ July – August

SYF 2017 ~ April


Solo by Danica @ B’dazzled 2015

Practice Schedule



Vocal Training

Wednesdays 3pm – 5:30pm   


Dance Training

Fridays 2pm – 4:30pm