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Direct School Admission (DSA)


Serangoon Secondary School is conducting the DSA exercise for both our Distinctive Programmes, Learning for Life Programme (LLP) - “Project Ablaze: Harnessing Youth Leadership in the Service of Community”, and Applied Learning Programme (ALP) – “Real World Explorations in ICT”. We warmly welcome students who are keen to develop their interest and talents in either the ALP or LLP while pursuing their education in Serangoon Secondary School to participate in the DSA exercise.

Learning for Life Programme (LLP): Project Ablaze - Harnessing Youth Leadership in the Service of Community

Aligned to the school’s Mission of Moulding Character, Igniting Passion and Building Community, the LLP gives strong emphasis to the Values In Action (VIA) Programme to engender awareness of community issues, and a deepening of knowledge and competencies to contribute to the betterment of society as socially responsible citizens.  The VIA Programme is closely aligned to the co-curriculum, including Environment Education, and Co-Curricular Activities (CCAs). The LLP follows a progressive approach – Secondary 1: Care for our school, Secondary 2: Care for environment, Secondary 3: Care for community, and Secondary 4: Care of nation – to develop leadership and service skills in students.

Students are empowered to lead and mentor in Community and Youth Leadership initiatives as well as look forward to opportunities to participate, design and implement a whole array of interesting and meaningful community-based projects. They are also able to apply their learning, and leadership skills in authentic settings while becoming active citizens contributing to the growth of the community and nation. The school also rallies partners and stakeholders to co-construct a supportive environment for student volunteerism within and beyond their school years.

Applied Learning Programme (ALP): Real-World Explorations in ICT

Through the exploration of ICT in various contexts of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM), our ALP seeks to facilitate students’ acquisition and application of knowledge while sharpening their critical thinking skills in which logical thinking is nurtured and processing skills gained. Students will also develop an inquisitive disposition towards learning, and 21st century competencies such as information and communication skills and inventive thinking.  

Students can look forward to engaging themselves in increasingly popular 3D Modelling and Printing in Sec 1 and enjoying exciting moments using Drones in Sec 2,where the 2 programmes are designed specially to pique students' interest in possibly pursuing their careers in future in industries such as Aerospace, Transportation, Infrastructure, Media, Telecommunications, Health Sciences and Architecture. In Sec 3, selected students continue to pursue their interest in STEM explorations, and apply their knowledge and skills in MOE or MOE-ITE applied subjects such as Computing and Mobile Robotics.

Application for DSA through the LLP or ALP opens from 07 May 2018.


Applicants must be born between

2 Jan 2002 and 1 Jan 2007 (for Singapore citizen / Singapore permanent resident)


2 Jan 2004 and 1 Jan 2007 (for International Students)

Selection Criteria

Learning  for Life Programme


Applied  Learning Programme

General  Descriptors

  • Outward-looking, with awareness of, and concern for, community needs
  • Are/have  strong potential to be influential, with strong communication and people  skills
  • Demonstrate leadership skills


General Descriptors 

  • Curiosity  with a keen interest in  areas such as robotics


  • Proficient in Mathematics and  Science


  • Passionate  in STEM related disciplines


Good  conduct in primary 6 or last attended school

Record of  active participation in at least 1 CCA in primary 6 or last attended school  for at least 3 years.

Applicants who have achieved at least a B in either  Mathematics or Science at the PSLE (or equivalent).

Has held  Leadership position(s) in class/level /CCA/school in last attended school.

Applicants who have at least one  of the following:

a.  Participated or achieved in Science, Technology, Engineering or Mathematics related competitions or enrichment programmes, in particular the application of ICT in the areas of  Drones programming and 3D modelling.


 b.  Participated in a STEM related CCA in primary school. (e.g.  Robotics Club, Science Club, Infocomm Club, Computer Club, Game Designing  Programme, Singapore Youth Flying Club, Inventions  Club)

Applicants with good track of service  to the community in at least one of the following:

a. Participated  actively in community service activities (beyond minimum requirements) as a  result of passion to serve the community


b. Exemplary  service to school in environment conservation efforts


c. Exemplary  service to others in the school community


d. Initiated  and led a meaningful project for the class/level/CCA/school so as to improve  the class/level/CCA/school


e. Other suitable involvement


Attitude and suitability during the  interview (shortlisted applicants will be informed to attend the interview).

Note :The decision of the Interview Panel on the  DSA-Sec application is final.  The school reserves the right not to  release the reasons for non-selection of applicants and/or the results of the  aptitude test and the interview.


Direct School Admission (DSA) application form may be downloaded from the school’s website or collected from our school’s general office during the application period.

Click on the following hyperlinks to download the application form(s).

1. SSS DSA Sec Application Form 2018_ALP.pdf

2. SSS DSA Sec Application Form 2018_LLP.pdf




07 May 2018 to 31 Aug  2018

02 July 2018 – 31 Aug 2018

All candidates who are not studying in MOE mainstream primary schools are to obtain a Registration Number(RGxxxxxxx) from MOE Customer Service Centre upon the start of the DSA Exercise.

All International Students are to pass the AEIS (Admissions Exercise for International Students) test before this DSA application.

Copies of the following supporting documents are to be submitted together with the application form before 31 Aug 2018 to Serangoon Secondary School, 11 Upper Serangoon View, Singapore 534237:

·       Latest academic results slips showing your conduct

·       CCA records

·       Other relevant documents to support the selection criteria

Parents and students are encouraged to choose schools wisely based on the student’s aptitudes and strengths, bearing in mind the schools’ academic and non-academic requirements, and the programmes available to develop the area of talent.