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Elementz Science Research Competition 2017

Some of our students took part in the 18th Elementz Science Research competition (Upper Secondary) and some lower secondary students took part in the 16th Elementz Science Research Competition (Lower Secondary).


Facilitated by their teacher mentors, these students have worked very hard since October last year and have done us proud!


18th Elementz Science Research competition

Title of Project


Award achieved

To investigate the possibility of making Bioplastics from Starch

·        I’li Qurratu’aini Bte M F

·        Vickneswari D/O Thamil Chelvam

·        Tan Yi Lin

·        Chewn Thing Kwan


Production of Homemade Bioplastics from Different Types of Flour and the investigation of their Effectiveness

·        Indah Fatihah

·        Sharlyn Wong

·        Aloysius Koh

·        Goh Jun Jie


Solutions to Sound Pollution

·        Zhuo Yuda Aaron

·        Sherman Foo Chang Shen

·        Manjego Eucharistian Sioco,

·        Wong Guan Zheng

·        Muhd Zawawi Bin Abdul Halimi

Certificate of Commendation

Using of Smart Materials to reduce temperature of a classroom

·        Jervis Chua Dong Lin

·        Gah Kah Eng

·        Koven Tan Ding Ze

Certificate of Commendation

16th Elementz Science Research Competition

Investigations on Digestive Enzymes on Removal of Food Stain

·        Vincent Aryawangsa Lie

·        Cheryl Chia Sze En

·        Ho Zi Xuan Annabelle




The whole process has enabled our students to sharpen their thinking, writing and presentation skills, and ignited a passion to learn more about the world around us.



UNSW Science tests students in the area of scientific skills in different areas of Science such as:


·         Knowledge

·         Interpreting data

·         Investigating

·         Measuring and observing

·         Predicting/ concluding from data

·         Reasoning/ problem solving


Our students have done us proud by getting awards which place them among the best in Singapore.


Name of students


Ashely Ang


Dave Goh


Ma Yuxiao


Vincent Lie




Annabelle Ho


Melvon Yeo




Samantha Ha


John Low



Elementz Science Research Competition 2016

Some of our upper secondary students took part in the 17th Elementz Science Research competition (Upper Secondary), held in Anderson Junior College on 12th April 2016. Some lower secondary students took part in the 15th Elementz Science Research Competition (Lower Secondary) held in Anderson Secondary School on 20th July 2016.

Facilitated by their teacher mentors, these students have worked very hard since October last year. Pitted against other schools, including top schools locally and overseas, they held their own and have done us proud!

The whole process has enabled our students to sharpen their thinking, writing and presentation skills, and ignited a passion to learn more about the world around us through rigorous research and perseverance.

Once again, we congratulate our Serangoon StaRs, and appreciate our teacher mentors for their hard work! 


Award: Gold. From left, Mrs Chan Soo Gek (VP), Goh Jun Jie (2H7), Aloysius Koh Jun Kiat (2H7), Indah Fatihah Bte Mohamad (2H7), Sharlyn Wong Xu Wen (2H7), Mr Caden Goo (Teacher Mentor), Mr Jonathan Ng (Teacher Mentor)


Award: Silver. From left, Muhammad Rafi B Ali Wafar (4N6), Danial Hadi B Shahifuddin (4N6), Isma Danish B Ismaya (4N6), Hariz B Razali (4N6), Tan Yew Shaun (4N6), Mr Yan Tuck Poh (Teacher Mentor),  Mr Tan Kian Chong (Teacher Mentor),  Mrs Chan Soo Gek (VP)  


Award: Bronze. From left, I’li Qurrantu’aini Bte M F (3I7) , Vickneswari d/o Thamil Chelvan (3I7), Tan Yi Lin (3I7), Chewn Thing Kwan (3I7), Mdm Lung Sau Ying (Teacher Mentor),  Mdm Peh Su Fang (Teacher Mentor),  Mrs Chan Soo Gek (VP)



Award: Commendation. From left, Jayachandran Vinayak (3I1), Muhammad Adi Saifullah (3I1), Jansen Marc Maluyo (3I1), Mdm Fathima (Teacher Mentor), Mr Ng Soon Aik (Teacher Mentor), Mrs Chan Soo Gek (VP)


Award: Commendation. From left, Siti Nurkhalilah Bte Haji K (3I6), Francheska Jullien Christ (3I7), Kwon Sanghyeok (3I7), Xavier Tan (3I7), , Ms Diana Goh (Teacher Mentor), Ms Fong Jia Hui (Teacher Mentor),  Mrs Chan Soo Gek (VP)


Award: Commendation. From left, Pravina D/O V Dhanaraj (4N7), Sree Krishna Surya Praharshitha (4N7), Mr Hafiz (Teacher Mentor), Ms Fu Shin Hui (Teacher Mentor, not in picture), Mrs Chan Soo Gek (VP) 


Award: Participation. From left, Mr Tan Xiang Yeow (Teacher Mentor), Crystal Chia (3I7), Melvin Ang (3I7), Chantelle Loh (3I7), Chris Ryan Patrick (3I7), Charissa Ong (3I5), Ms Ang Chian Huey (Teacher Mentor),  Mrs Chan Soo Gek (VP)


 UNSW Science tests students in the area of scientific skills in the subject contexts of Earth and Beyond, Energy and Change, Life and Living, Natural and Processed Materials, and including:


·         Knowledge

·         Interpreting data

·         Investigating

·         Measuring and observing

·         Predicting/ concluding from data

·         Reasoning/ problem solving


Our students have done us proud by getting awards which place them among the best in Singapore.



Award: Credit. From left, Sheng Yong Yan Merrick (2H8), Woon Cheng Xi (2H8), Aloysius Koh Jun Kiat (2H7), Lim Kuan Yong (2H7), Tan Sean Ying (2H7), Denzyl Chua De Han (2H6), Darel Armand B Fauzan (2H5),

 Award: High Distinction. Second from right, Isaac Loh Herman

 Extreme left: Mrs Chan Soo Gek (VP). Extreme right: Mr Jonathan Ng (Science HOD)


ignITE Science Challenge

On 24 May 2016, 18 of our Normal Technical students took part in the 2016 ignITE Science Challenge, a national-level Science and Technology competition for N level students in Singapore held at ITE Simei. In this 

competition, students go through workshops, then put their creations to the test in the competition against other teams.  

This year, Serangoon Secondary sent a record 6 teams from 2H1 and 3I1, out of which 3 qualified for the finals for their category. Of these 3 teams, one team clinched the top prize!

The Vinjanade team (1st Prize)

This team competed in the “Sportalicious” category, and beat 35 other teams to clinch the top prize! In this category, students create their very own energy drink with healthy ingredients promote their drinks in a creative way

For clinching the top prize, they received a trophy, medals and $690 worth of Nike and other vouchers from Minister of State for Education & Communications and Information, Dr Janil Puthucheary.



3I1: Mohamed Adi, Jansen, Vinayak (not in photo)

The Chill! team (Finals)

This team competed in the “Keep Cool” category, and beat 25 other teams to be in the top ten. This category consists of students exploring how refrigerants form ice as they design a refrigeration coil made of copper. 



3I1: Hakkam, Graelon, Raphael

The Sweet Success team (Finals)

This team competed in the “canDIY” category, and beat 80 other teams to be in the top ten. In this category, students create local delights like prata/chendol using different types of home-made candies of different viscosity and display their work creatively.



3I1: Natasha, Irene, Wei Ting (not in photo)

The Energade Team (Preliminaries)

This team competed in the Sportalicious category. In this category students have to make their own energy drink with healthy ingredients.



                 2H1: Areez, Amirul, Jia Yuan 



3I1: Nufail, Rasydee, Helmi (not in photo), Emily (not in photo)

Science Congress @ RP

A group of 34 Secondary 3 students from 3I7 and 3I6 attended Science Congress 2016 at Republic Polytechnic on 8th January 2016 (Friday). With this year’s theme focusing on “Ageing”, participants were treated to interesting and insightful talks from two experts from NTU and A*Star on the topic, “Tick tock, How to Reverse the Ageing Clock”, regarding stem cell research.


Our SSS students were then engaged in a hands-on workshop titled “Wonders of Nanomaterials” where all of them donned white lab coats and blue gloves as they investigated the properties of a heat-sensitive liquid crystal. The students were amazed when the liquid crystals changed to beautiful different colours when subjected to different temperatures. They also got to know about the applications of these liquid crystals in our daily lives for example, in liquid crystal thermometers.


During the workshop, the teams from different schools were assessed on their teamwork and the outcome of the experiment. Two of our teams impressed the facilitators so much that they both won “The Best Performing Team award”!


Serangoon Stars creating their own liquid crystal thermometer


One of the 2 winning teams!

Elementz NT 

Three Sec 3NT students (who participated in 2015 Science Ignite Competition as well) doing their laboratory tests and research work on the effectiveness of different types of masks (surgical mask vs  N95 3M mask) as well as the duration of wearing these masks (from a day to a week) as in real life situations such as Haze, SARS, construction work etc.




ignITE Science Challenge at ITE College East


Two groups of students from 2H1 took part in the 2015 ignITE science challenge organised by ITE at ITE College East, Simei. Both teams made it to the preliminary round. One team ( canDIY ) worked on moulding candy to form a 3D structure. The other team ( Sportalicious ) had to concoct a sports drink using their own ingredients in front of the judges. The Sportalicious team made it to the finals and also won the most informative poster award





Science Challenge 

Students were asked to make a paper helicopter. The student whose paper helicopter took the longest time to reach the ground floor when released from the second level was the winner of the challenge.



Science Eco-prize presentation 2014




Science Challenge


Students were asked to build a raft with only the following materials provided: straws, aluminium foil, scissors and scotch tape. The top 3 teams whose raft could hold the most number of 10g mass were the prize winners.




Science Challenge 


Odyssey of the Mind Competition


7 Secondary 3 students have recently taken part in the Odyssey of the Mind competition. It was held at ACS (Independent) from 13 - 14 April 2012.

Team members used their creativity to build a structure made out of balsa wood, which can withstand at least 20 kg. They also had to perform in front of the judges to present a mathematical function. In addition, they were tested on how quick thinking and creative they were during the spontaneous problem round 



Science Challenge