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Passionate, Proficient and Prepared for the future


The Science department aims to ignite a passion for Science in every student and to nurture them to be future-ready, proficient and socially responsible citizens of character.


The 2017 Science Department Team

Fu Shin Hui (Chemistry) (SH Science)

Tan Phuay Boon (Biology) (Year Head Upper Sec)

Peck Chin Hee (Biology) (ICT HOD)

Goo Chun Song (Physics)

Eunice Leow (Physics)

Tan Kian Chong (Physics)

Roger Goh (Physics, NT Science)

Mehervan Singh (Physics, Lower Sec Science)

Peh Su Fang (Biology, Lower Sec Science Coordinator)

Tay Ling Ling (Biology, Lower Sec Science)

Fong Jia Hui (Chemistry)

Ang Chian Huey (Chemistry, Lower Sec Science)

Tan Xiang Yeow (Chemistry, Lower Sec Science)

Marvin Lo (Lower Sec Science, NT Science)

Ng Soon Aik (Lower Sec Science, NT Science)

Dennis Kwek (Lower Sec Science)

Lim Tong Yang (Lower Sec Science)

Candice Lim (Lower Sec Science)

Muhammad Bin Roslee (Lower Sec Science)

Technical Support Officer:

Mr Francis Tan

Mrs Guna


Our Department offers Science at the Lower Secondary Level which comprises elements of Physics, Chemistry and Biology. At the Upper Secondary Level, we offer Science (NT), Physics, Chemistry and Biology



The Physics Syllabus provides students with a coherent understanding of force, energy, heat, light and matter, their interrelationships, and their applications to technology and engineering in areas such as optics, power generation, electronics, transport and communications. It focuses on investigating natural phenomena and then applying patterns, models (including mathematical ones), principles, theories and laws to explain the physical behaviour of the universe. The curriculum places high emphasis on the applications of physics to everyday life and its relevance in the real world.  The study of physics trains pupils to reason things out in a logical manner and to apply concepts learnt in new and novel situations. The theories and concepts presented in this syllabus belong to a branch of physics commonly referred to as classical physics. Modern physics, developed to explain the quantum properties at the atomic and sub-atomic level, is built on knowledge of these classical theories and concepts.  




The Chemistry syllabus provides students with the study of the structure, properties and reactions of matter.  Some of the topics include experimental chemistry, chemical reactions and processes, electrolysis, metals and their properties and extraction, acids, bases and salts, and the atmosphere and environment. In all these, attention is drawn to the importance of chemistry and its application in everyday life and in industries. Pupils are trained to think logically and systematically.





The Biology syllabus provides students with the study of living organisms and life processes like nutrition, transport, respiration, excretion and reproduction as well as the relationship of organisms with one another and the environment through the study of ecological concepts. The study of Biology requires students to use information to identify patterns, report trends and draw inferences.  They are also required to be able to present reasoned explanation for phenomena, patterns and relationships, make predictions and propose hypotheses. The topics of cells, genetics and some aspects of biotechnology, when interconnected with topics in Chemistry, serve to form the framework for the study of Life Sciences beyond the O-Level.



Excerpts from what they think about their team members


About Jonathan

Thanks for leading us and making all the positive changes. We can really see the efforts you have put in to unite the department (e.g. cooking our department lunch, sing and play the guitar) Ha, sometimes a little mushy but really appreciate it! It is definitely not an easy task to bring our department to greater height but you have done great! Jia you!

For being a friendly and approachable boss. You made me feel not stressful when I need to ask you for advice ;)

Thank you for being so willing to guide and help. It is very fortunate that we have an understanding leader!

About Shin Hui

 Working with you since the time I joined this school as a trainee. I have learnt a lot from you in teaching! Really admire how you manage to finish your tonnes and tonnes of workload in lightning speed and always organised!!! Thanks for being a great colleague and mentor!

Thanks for your patient explanation and mentorship! I’ve learnt much under your guidance.

About Phuay Boon

Appreciate your helpfulness and willingness to work together for the betterment of the students. Tks for being a great colleague!

Thanks for being understanding and a great mentor always willing to share your teaching experiences! J

About Yan

Thank you for the humor that lightens up the mood. Also thank you for being the reliable one whom we can approach. Lastly, thank you for all the hard work in managing cockpit and the other things you’ve contributed to the school!

Thanks for giving the students and the school a sense of security

Always a reassuring presence. Thank you for being so willing to share your time and knowledge especially in Restorative Practice.

About Soon Aik

Mr Ng, thanks for always taking care of our welfare! You are always full of energy and drive when you are around the students! You are always so positive and always encourage the younger teachers! Thanks for being a great colleague and mentor!

Cheerful, outgoing personality – so contagious that it can liven up the moods of every student passing through his hands

Mr Ng really takes pride in his duties to look after the science teachers’ welfare. We are so well taken care of! Thank you!


About Sau Ying

Mdm Lung is like a motherly figure in the department. Thank you for your willingness to share your expertise and knowledge! It has been a great pleasure working with you.

Generous in sharing resources and teaching young teachers. Great mentor. Thank you Mdm Lung.

A good mentor; always willing to share your vast experiences with others

Mdm Lung is very approachable and ever ready to give her time to guide and share. Thank you for always being there!


About Su Fang

For giving clear, good and practically useful advice to those who seek it from you, and being generous in sharing your advice on pedagogy and assessment.

Thank you for being so helpful. Treating us warmly like your family. It has been an honour working and learning from you.

Very resourceful and knowledgeable. Thanks for all your help.


About Diana

Thank you for reminding me why I chose to be in this profession. You’re an amazing person and I’m sure you’ve touched students’ and colleagues’ live just like how you did to mine.

Your hard work, helpfulness and selflessness and sense of sharing is very inspiring.

Lovely and inspiring, always brightening our days with good cheer.


About Jia Hui

Jia Hui! You are always so cheerful and full of zest! =) Seeing how all of you, the new teachers, really motivate me and remind me of the initial reason why I joined teaching. Hope you can be always full of drive and laughter! =)

For providing the light-hearted, delightful tinge to the science atmosphere, and your industry and fresh ideas inspire all of us!


About Chian Huey

For enthusiasm, sincerity, and being so helpful. For being good-natured and pleasant. Thanks!

For being a good colleague and friend, for her fiery passion at work! *thumbs up*

Team player and always willing to help others

Releases as much energy as a neutralisation reaction, thereby igniting curiosity and interest in Science.

About Xiang Yeow

For being such a pleasant person, and so helpful, and making the department such a pleasant place to be in.

Very helpful and pleasant young teacher.

Xiang Yeow has been very willing to share his experiences which has been very helpful indeed!


About Caden

Your enthusiasm and eagerness, as well as diligence and industry, has inspired me.  Thank you!

Caden is a very helpful and receptive teacher, great working with him.

Awesome teacher who never fails to show concern to students!

About Marvin

Shares willingly from his experience on how to teach for understanding. Thanks!

Marvin is a very helpful teacher with a heart for students, always endeavouring to do what it best for them. Very inspiring.

About Eunice

Cheerful and friendly teacher who inspires and motivates students.

Eunice’s experiences on how to manage different classroom situations has given me room for reflection on how to improve my own teaching.

About Kian Chong

Helpful man who will never hesitate to lend others a hand if he can

Thank you for being there as a friend, as a colleague especially when I need help in physics. Very nice and approachable colleague

 Kian Chong is a very friendly colleague who will not hesitate to help whenever he can. Thank you!

Wonderful teacher who teaches with clarity and firmness. Great job!


About Hafiz

Helpful colleague who willing shares his resources to develop others and for the good of the students.

Hafiz is a cheerful and upbeat colleague whose teaching experiences have enriched me. Thanks!


About Fathima

Amiable and motherly, well-liked by both colleagues and students. Fathima is also a capable and good teacher.

How you remain smiling after a tough day amazes me. Thank you for spreading warmth and positivity!

Mdm Fathima is a cheerful and friendly colleague. Her smile brightens up our day!

Always friendly and willing to share advice, a lovely presence indeed!