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Physical Education


A total of 222 students attended this year’s Secondary 3 Camp from 2nd to 4th March 2016 at Sarimbun Scouts’ Camp. The Secondary 3 Camp has two main objectives of providing a platform for team bonding and learning the importance of teamwork and encouragement through outdoor activities.   

The array of activities that students get to experience ranged from rock climbing, challenge valley, rafting, forest trekking, navigation adventure race, outdoor cooking and team building games. The camp fire night was the culminating point which brought students through a journey of discovery. Students learn more about themselves and their peers, how to encourage each other and more importantly, how to work as a team.  Indeed, the time spent together has formed a bond that will last for years to come. The exciting journey towards many more discoveries has just started for those who attended the Secondary 3 Camp 2016.



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Our Vision

Every StaR active and SHINE in Sport

Our Mission

To nurture lifeskills and values through a love for physical activities in each StaR

Our Goals

Every StaR to adopt a healthy lifestyle.

Every StaR to demonstrate physical skills competently.

Every StaR to display values and uphold character in sports.


Physical Education Programme

The purpose of physical education is to enable students to demonstrate individually and with others the physical skills, practices, and values to enjoy a lifetime of active, healthy living. Through our PE program, StaRs will be equipped with the knowledge and skills to play at least seven sports by the time they graduate. They will also learn about health and fitness management, healthy eating and weight management as well as taking responsibility of their own safety in physical activities under the Physical Health and Fitness component. In Outdoor Education, students engage their sense of adventure through exploration of both natural and urban environments in their immediate surroundings.


Physical education provides a natural platform for students to clarify and act on their personal values. It is an authentic setting which allows for social interactions and demonstration of positive emotions as well as social behaviors. With the problem-solving nature of many physical activities, students have numerous instances to communicate positively with others, source for information as well as to think critically and creatively – all necessary for 21st century living. Through our PE program, students will acquire sound moral values, develop social skills and grow holistically to be a better person.

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