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Every student is passionate about Mathematics


  • To provide a level of mastery in Mathematics for all students that will serve them well in life
  • To enable students with interest and ability to pursue Mathematics at the highest possible level


Key Objectives

  • Enable students to acquire mathematical concepts and skills
  • Develop cognitive and meta cognitive skills (Processes, self-directed learning)
  • Develop positive attitudes towards Mathematics (confidence, interest, appreciation, perseverance)

Learning Experience

  • The department places a strong emphasis on how students learn. We believe in providing Learning Experiences in Mathematics through
    • Inductive approach in discovering mathematical concepts and skills
    • Use of ICT to facilitate the learning of concepts and skills 
    • Relating Mathematics to the real world context 
    • Learning of Mathematics in a fun way

2016 Mathematics Department Team


Mdm Koh Poh Ling (HOD Math)

Ms Nelly Toh (LH Math)

Mr Adrian Tay (ST Math)

Mr Eddy Koh (HOD Discipline)

Mdm Margaret Goh (SSD)

Mr Kamal Jupri (SH NT)

Mr Adrial Tan (SH ICT)

Mrs Faith Wong (SH CCE)

Mr Vincent Wong (SH EL)

Mdm Ong Hai Lee

Mr Tan Kian Chong

Mr Yee Kah Leong

Mdm Joelle Koh

Ms Jacklyn Lee

Ms Fong Jia Hui

Ms Ang Chian Huey

Mr Charles Lee

Mr Caden Goo

Mr Marvin Lo

Mdm Stella Koh

Mr Dennis Kwek

Ms Sharon Tan

Programme Highlights

2016 Programme Highlights:

·         Mathematics Kangaroo Contest

·         Mathematics Olympiad

·         Mathematics UNSW

·         Mathematics Quest 2016


2015 Sec 2 UNSW results:


·         ELSEN ONG WEI KEONG      2H4

·         CHEWN THING KWAN           2H7

·         SU TONG                                2H7

·         CHEN TIAN YI                         2H6



·         JEFF TEH                                2H5

·         WOON SIEW CHING               2H7

·         AARON ZHUO                         2H5

·         SHAVONNE GOH                    2H7

·         WONG GUAN ZHENG             2H6

·         JAVIER TAN                             2H4

·         MELVIN ANG                            2H7



·         TAN CHEE WOEN                   2H2

·         MICAH CHIA WEN MING        2H5

·         JEREMY TAY                           2H5

·         LAN TIAN YOU                        2H6

·         NG WEI JIE                              2H6