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NUS Geo challenge 2013

Aruun, Farzanah, Vivian and Leevanesh from 4N8 participated in the NUS Geography Challenge this year. The National University of Singapore (NUS) Geography Challenge (GC) is a prestigious National competition organized annually by the Department of Geography of NUS as well as the NUS Geographical Society. As the overall winner has to represent Singapore in the International Geography Olympiad, the questions which the students have to attempt in the Preliminary Round were not easy as they have to adhere to the syllabus for iGeo. It was quite a feat for our students as many of the topics are not in our Elective Geography syllabus. Our students have excel in the open-ended application questions in which the team creatively wrote and plan on a proposal to create the Singapore Identity in an area given in UK.
Our team went through a tough fight with 95 other schools and did us proud by making it to the top 40 schools to qualify for the semi-finals.

One of the components of the semi-finals is to produce an advertisement for tourists to showcase the Singapore Identity via 5 Geo-stops. Our team spent a whole day out in the field to explore the 5 different regions in Singapore for places which can attract visitors with a strong Singapore identity. The team had shown you their video during assembly two weeks ago. We would like to thank our Serangoon Stars for supporting us by voting for our video clip.

The final round was the Geo-Trail which took place on 30 March.  The team embarked on a trail of adventure to various parts of Singapore. They had to visit various stations at representative landmarks and significant locations in Singapore relevant to the theme “Made in Singapore: Stitching Our Identity”. To clear each station, participants had to apply different geographical concepts and map interpretation skills. 

Although we did not win any prize in the Grand Finals, we want to congratulate our team for their Serangoon Spirit. This is the first time Serangoon Sec has made it to the Semi-final of the NUS Geography Challenge and we are very proud of our team.