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Achievements 2011

1. NUS Geography Challenge 2011

Terence Pang, Marianne, Shinta Lau and  Ferdi Lau from 3EA

Shortlisted for the 10 most popular video in the creative component -

2. N3 Humanities Debate competition 2011

3rd Prize in the NA category - Varat Wutigriviboon (3N1), Chin Clement (3N1), Chen Jiahe (3N1) and Hou Pou Yum (3N1)

3. N3 Cluster Humanities Challenge `Amazing Asia'.

Noor Azzy, Nurul Fadzillah, Ng Guo Hao and Mohammad Furkan from 1EA Jaspreet Khaira, Nur Fatimah, Chin Clifford and Mohamed Naufal from 1N1

4th Position

4. National Stamp Collecting competition 2011

6 Silver and  2 Bronze

  1. Wang Zijing, Tng Shih Suan, Constance, Yin Xiaoli and Leroy Zuang Cexun from  1EA
  2. Siti Aishah Bte Rahim,  Jasilyn Sim Al Lin, Chia Ming Yang and M Sivapaalan from 1EB
  3. Hau Xin Yun Olivia, Ho Yu Qing, Patricia Yvonne Espere Pahilan and  Kennix Tan Ying Xuan from 2EA
  4. Ong Kai Yi Desmond, Pang Piao Le Terence, Guo Jiamin and Marquez Mirianne Crisha Rubill from 3EA
  5. Ho Ke Han, John Ying Jie Ming, Luan Shutong and Kelly from 3EA
  6. Ong Shao Qin,  Preethaanjali D/O Puvannan, Low Hui Xiang Abigail and Yeow Kar Yee from 3EB

  1. Mohamed Naufal B Mohd N Y,  Muhammad Tarmizi B Talib, Hariharan S/O C Jayaraja and Gerald Lim Joo Wei  from 1N1
  2. Leevanessh Ravi R V,   Sathish S/O Pandian,  Soo Wei Kang and Thavaneesan S/O Mohan from  2ED