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A high performing department respected for empowering StaRs to explore and understand nature and the Human condition.

Mission Statement

Our department seeks to:

a. Nurture Life-long learners
b. Ignite Passion for Humanities
c. Cultivate inquisitive minds


The 2016 Team


Head of Department:    Christopher Tan (History/SS)

Subject Head SS/NE:    Jeff Mak (SS/EL)

Senior Teacher:           Tan Shuen Tsing (Geography)

Members:                   Matt Yee (SS/EL)

                                 Nur Ashirah (Geo/EL)

                                 Fong Yi Shuen (Geo/EL)

                                 Mohamad Imran Saleh (SS/EL)

                                 Siti Sufiana (EL/SS)

                                 Linus Chan (SS/EL)

                                 Daniel Fung (History/SS)

                                 Daniel Chew (History/SS)  

                                 Laura Tay (EL/SS)  

                                 Sim Qin Ying (History/SS)
                                 Ang Cong Ping (Geo/E.Lit)
                                 Neo Shi Min (AED)  
                                 Mdm Tumini Saat (History Adjunct Tr)      

The Lower Secondary Geography syllabus enables students to acquire the knowledge and skills to understand aspects of physical and human geography. They learn to explain geographical phenomena, environmental and social issues in different places and cultures. Students become aware of the appropriate values and attitudes required to ensure sustainability of our resources, country and the planet Earth. The inquiry based approach teaches the students to ask critical questions and think reflectively on the management of current issues such as water resources and traffic congestion in Singapore.

Upper Secondary Geography emphasises the integration of physical and human environments. It also focuses on the interconnectedness among groups of people, and between people and their environment. The Geography student can expect to acquire the skills of gathering and analysing information, and an enquiring mind to seek answers to issues affecting our lives and the world we live in. Geography students are prepared for their roles as informed citizens in the 21st century. Geographers make informed judgements and sound decisions through the analysis, synthesis and evaluation of geographical information.


Our History curriculum reflects the vigor of the discipline of History. As an inquiry into the past, History seeks to offer an interpretation of a past event that corresponds as closely as possible to what happened. Through historical inquiry, students then pose questions about the present by engaging with the past and thus draw connections between both.
The revised Upper Secondary History syllabus aligns the value of History learning with the aims of the Desired Outcomes of Education by developing in students the qualities of a history learner through engaging students actively in historical inquiry so as to develop them into confident, self-directed, critical and reflective thinkers. Through the process of conducting Historical Investigation in the Lower Secondary syllabus, students have actively been involved in the discipline of History,as well as conducting historical inquiry. 

Humanities Publications 

SG50 Booklet                                                                                              




To mark SG50, the Humanities Department has published an SG50 Booklet for the school, and as a gift to the nation. The aim of the booklet is to provide readers with an appreciation of Singapore’s history through 50 years of nation building. It provides an account of a significant event that has occurred yearly from 1965-2015. Reading through the booklet, it is our hope that readers will develop a deeper sense of how Singapore has journeyed from tumultuous independence to become what it is today - a modern metropolis with international recognition and high standing in the world.

SG50 E-book

As a present from students from all our schools to Singapore for her 50th birthday, a commemorative e-book titled SG50 Reflections: Our HOpes &MEmories (HOME) has been officially launched by our President, Dr Tony Tan on 29 July 2015(Wednesday). The contents of the e-book comprise a diverse range of students’ works about people, places and events that feature six themes over a span of five decades.

Our school is proud to be part of the SG50 e-book project. The team of students that have created this section of the E-book was mentored and guided by the Humanities Department. The details of the E-book are as follows:

Theme : Memorable Spaces

Decade : 1975-1984

Topic : Creation of Hougang New Town

You may access our school’s contribution via the following link :

Learning Journeys

Learning Journey 2015

Sec 1E / 1NA History Learning Journey to Kranji War Memorial and Changi Chapel Museum (May)

All classes of Sec 1 students had their history learning journey on 25-26 October 2015. At the Kranji War Memorial, the students learned more about the people who defended Singapore and Malaya against the invading Japanese forces during World War II. They conducted themselves in an orderly manner and were able to respect the Memorial after learning the meaning behind the sacrifices of those defenders. The students were further engaged in their learning of Singapore’s military history during WWII at the Changi Chapel Museum. They learnt about the Japanese attack and about the suffering of the prisoners-of-war who were interned at Changi Gaol during the Japanese Occupation from 1942 to 1945.

Lower Secondary Geography Learning Journey ( May and October)

The Sec 2 Express and Sec 2 NA students embarked on a geographical inquiry in Chinatown after the Mid –Year Examinations. The students had to observe the land use in the area and identify the attractions and amenities that cater to the needs of tourists. They interviewed some tourists and mapped the land use survey of the shophouses in Chinatown.

Due to the inclement weather of haze, the Sec 1 Express and Sec 1 NA  students went to indoor spaces for their Learning Journey. The students were learnt about land use planning and the importance of  Singapore as an aviation hub at Changi Airport. They learnt about Singapore’s handling of air traffic, as well as the importance of Changi Airport for the growth of  the tourism industry in Singapore. 

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Learning Journeys

Learning Journey 2014

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The department believes in sending students for Humanities competitions so as to stretch their potential. 

NUS Geography Challenge 2013 ← click here to view
Singapore Polytechnic Timeline Challenge 2013

Achievements 2012 ← click here to view
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Humanities Curriculum Innovations

SSSnap – card game created by the department to allow the students to understand political cartoons better.

poster sssnap final.jpg
Geography Blog - Our Education Minister, Mr Heng Swee Keat, mentioned in his opening speech in the Humanities Conference 2012 on the use of blogs as a curriculum innovation in the teaching of the Humanities.

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Coming soon 2014: Humanities 3 in 1 Box Games (Include Social Studies, History and Geography games)