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Craft & Technology

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Our Vision

Innovate and create with skills for life

Our Mission

To foster good values and equip our students with relevant knowledge through our subjects, providing them with opportunities to nurture creativity and develop life skills in the process.

The department comprises of three subjects – Art, Design & Technology and Nutrition & Food Science. We take on a project-based approach for all three subjects to make learning authentic and fun for our students. 
This approach ensures a balance between creative processes and creation of products, providing opportunities for innovation and creative thinking as students explore different possibilities and alternative solutions. Values and life skills like perseverance, time-management and self-evaluation are also nurtured in the process. 


Below: teachers coming together to discuss the curriculum, to enhance teaching and learning

Sec 1

Semester 1 – Design & Technology and Home Economics

Semester 2 – Design & Technology and Art

Sec 2

Semester 1 – Design & Technology and Art

Semester 2 – Design & Technology and Home Economics

2. Programmes

Art Curriculum

Art is about Perceiving, Communication and Appreciating. 

Our curriculum strives to expose students to a variety of art materials and techniques while a theme-based approach provides them the opportunity to make meaningful artworks that visually express their creative ideas and personal opinions. 

In Lower Sec, students are taught painting, pencil illustration as well as sculpture-making skills, they deal with themes like ‘Fantasy Landscape’, ‘A Surreal Space’ and ‘Our Beautiful World’. Art appreciation is also integrated into lessons to expose students to artists’ works and to develop their visual literacy. 

Students at Upper Sec embark on longer term projects. Apart from enhancing the skills they garnered in lower secondary, they are given opportunities to pick up other art forms like digital art, print-making and  and mixed-media illustration. 


Having fun with transparency art and photography


Creative drawing – working with various art materials and techniques. 


Hat Sculptures inspired by our beautiful world!

Design & Technology Curriculum 

In D&T, students acquire effective design techniques and strategies and are equipped with a sound working knowledge on plastic, metal and wood in order to create purposeful and innovative design pieces. The subject encourages students to make close observation of their surroundings to propose solutions or better alternatives. In the designing process, students learn to think creatively and critically, applying various strategies in the visualization, exploration and decision-making stages. While the process is rigorous, students often find fulfillment in seeing their ideas come to fruition. 

Use of interesting teaching strategies (e.g. building an egg transporter) to teach concepts on structures and reinforcements


Students taking anthropometric data before commencing with their designs

Nutrition & Food Science Curriculum

NFS provides students with knowledge and skills, while inculcating in them positive attitudes that will empower them to make informed food and consumer choices. Students are equipped with relevant life skills to independently navigate the wealth of information available to them to make healthier and wiser choices for everyday living.  


Below: Teacher facilitating reflection after students completed their cooking session.


Learning Journey

Learning Journeys

- Science Centre – D&T Awards (2015)

- Teritary Institutions (Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts, 2015; Republic Polytechnic, 2016)

 2016 was filled with fun and interactive learning experiences for our lower secondary students. Taking learning of C&T subjects out of the classrooms, our students went to a few venues with customised tours, facilitation to deepen their knowledge and appreciation for the subjects.

- Singapore Art Museum (2016)

- National Gallery (2016)

- National Museum (2016)

- National Design Centre (2016)

 - NTUC Supermarket Tour (2016): A supermarket tour to enhance the knowledge of processed food. Making informed choices on ingredients used in preparing nutritious dishes. - Hay Dairy Milk Farm (2016)

- Hay Diary Milk Farm (2016): An educational briefing an orientation by in-house experienced farmer. An opportunity to ask any question during an up close personal session

- Farmart Edu Tour (2016): An educational tour in nutrients and life science of eggs through a farmer who has rich farming experience.


Sec 1 students learning more about applied design at the National Design Centre


Authentic learning: Working on various scenarios, Sec 1 students put their knowledge on meal planning and budgeting into practice at a local supermarket.



Intrigued by contemporary art at Singapore Art Museum  


Trigger happy moment with Dr Tommy Koh at National Gallery, Art appreciation lessons from an artist-guide



South Zone Millennium Challenge

Students put their creativity to test as they design and build mock-ups of state-of-the-art bridges. Although the team did not win for this competition, they gained valuable learning experiences and exposure.

9 students also took part in SYF Art 2016, the students had a fruitful learning experience, creating art that celebrates artistry and youth! Here are their creations, enjoy!



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