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Principal's Message 

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Principal's Message 2017    

Dear members of the Serangoon StaRs community, Serangoon Secondary School has a long and rich history of nurturing valuable members of our society. The school was founded in 1928 as Serangoon English School and has produced a number of distinguished alumni, including at least one cabinet minister, senior civil servants, businessmen and professionals.

As Serangoon Secondary 27th principal, I would like to work with all stakeholders to ensure that our students leave our school portal equipped with the knowledge, values and skills needed to contribute to our society. The world we live in is fast-changing, interconnected and highly demanding - knowledge which our students obtain in the classroom today may well be obsolete by the time they enter the workforce. It is therefore no longer sufficient to teach students; we must instead focus on teaching them to acquire knowledge. We recognize that students must be taught how to learn and to have the passion for learning. This can be accomplished by our Applied Learning Programme (ALP) and Learning for Life Programme (LLP) which all students have an opportunity to participate in.

Our ALP programme, Real World Explorations in ICT, seeks to provide a context for application of the academic knowledge that students will acquire from classroom teaching and provide hands-on training and practical experience for students. In addition, our LLP, Harnessing Student Leadership in the Service of Community, provides students with real-life experiences to develop character and values, cultivate positive attitudes and strengthen their people skills. Both ALP and LLP are distinctive programmes which would enhance our students’ school experience and build our school identity.

We hope to work in partnership with parents and alumni in order to organise meaningful learning experiences for our students and to tap on the vast pool of experience and expertise which our stakeholders offer. As stakeholders with a common interest in student development, it is essential that parents, alumni and staff work closely together to nurture our students into good citizens and develop them to ensure that they are as well prepared as possible to meet the challenges of the future. I am committed to working closely with each and every one of you during my term as principal of Serangoon Secondary School. Together, we shall develop our students to their full potential.

Mdm Tay Siok Hwa

Principal/Serangoon Secondary School

Principal's Message 2016

This year, we have envisioned the theme ‘Every Step Counts’ to guide our endeavours. This is part of our continuing efforts in achieving excellence for all.

Every student can strive to better his/her outcomes in every important aspect of your educational journey. Remember the Star’s Creed and strive to live by its ideals. Strive to do better in your studies, in CCA, in your leadership journey, and most of all strive to achieve new breakthroughs in character development. This holistic development will require you to reflect on your strengths and progress to date. It will also require you to set goals for yourself in terms of how you wish to develop further. Speak with your teachers, your parents, your friends, and most importantly, have a conversation with yourself! Take stock of your achievements. Think ahead and envision what you would like to leave school with and what you want to do in life. This will provide you valuable insights into your next steps and help make every step count.

Every teacher will strive to develop further as a Caring educator. We will observe our Guiding Principles so that we can exercise our duty of care towards our students. This will help us ensure that our students are effectively engaged, holistically developed, morally upright, and community builders. We will role model continuous learning for our students by achieving new breakthroughs with our students.

When we are all engaged with a common purpose, we will indeed be working as a close-knit community of learners befitting of a noble institution.

Let’s make every step count. As the great poet and philosopher Lao Tzu said, ‘The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.’


Seek to Grow, Strive to Excel, Serve with Honour


Mr Jaswant Singh

Principal’s Message 2015

Dear members of the Serangoon StaRs community

This year we have chosen the theme ‘Together We Achieve’ to direct our focus on important aspects of our mission. 

Firstly, it is to remind us that we are a community. Communities thrive when there is cooperation and when there are common goals to achieve. The more we are united in word, deed, and purpose the stronger we will be. Our goal should be to foster thriving communities wherever we have influence. 

Second, it is to remind us that each one of us must succeed. When we grow and help others to grow as well, we will be an achieving community where everyone succeeds. Help and support each other, tackle challenges together, be inclusive, and ensure that no one gets left behind. 

In order that we can achieve our mission, we must understand our purpose. 

As a student, your goal is to do your best at all times and be the best you can be. Be active in school and benefit from the extensive learning opportunities which will prepare you for life. Clarify your doubts, learn to interact, and apply your learning in meaningful ways.   

As educators, our goal is to demonstrate genuine care for our students’ well-being and growth at all times so that our students are prepared to learn and achieve. Get to know our students, help them overcome challenges, and guide them in setting meaningful goals in life. 

Let’s keep these simple messages in mind as we journey through 2015. 

Seek to Grow, Strive to Excel, Serve with Honour!   

Mr Jaswant Singh

Principal’s Message 2014

Dear members of the Serangoon StaRs Community

Welcome to the beginning of a new year in our school. In 2013, we celebrated the 85th anniversary of our school. In September, during the celebrations, we got together as a community to establish new ties, rekindle old ones, and strengthen existing ones. It was a year in which our StaRs continued to shine, with improvements in CCA and NYAA achievements. Our Scouts, for example, garnered a Silver Award in the National Patrol Camp for the first time ever at the end of 2013. Our SYF groups also performed creditably, our Uniformed Groups continued to excel, and our Sports groups made significant improvements.

2013 was also a year in which we forged new partnerships with the strengthening of our Parent Support Group. A group of parents journeyed with the school and their children and are planning more exciting journeys in 2014. This year, we will also formalise our partnership with our twinning school in Zhejiang in the People’s Republic of China. This tie-up will provide further learning and growth opportunities for our students through cultural exchanges.  I am also pleased to announce that the school will be launching its Learning for Life Programme (LLP) in 2014 centred around Leadership in the Service of Community. This is in alignment with the school’s vision of building the community around us through meaningful application of our learning and with clarity of purpose. We are confident that the LLP will bring greater meaning to students’ life and learning, and will prepare them to be impactful in their own right when they graduate from their alma mater.

This year, we have chosen the theme ‘Inspire and Excel’ to focus our efforts at the school level. In line with the Know-Do-Be approach that we are familiar with in our education in the school, we will want to move ourselves to a stage where we strengthen our positive character traits and think and act in accordance with these traits. When we are able to achieve this state of Being, our actions will be positively impactful and will inspire others to follow our example. If we can reach this high state of awareness in all the things we do in our lives, we will excel simply because we will be acting in consistently strong fashion, which in turn will produce breakthroughs. I look forward to a great year ahead for all.

Inspire, and Excel!

Happy New Year 2014 and Welcome to the Year of the Horse 

2013 Principal's Message

Building Community, Building the Future

This year we celebrate our school’s 85th anniversary. When the school started in 1928, 2013 must have looked very far in the future and may perhaps have been inconceivable as well. Yet, the school has persevered and continues to fulfil its functions much as it did in its early years.

As we pass through the doors of this school, we must stop to reflect on our purpose. On a daily basis, we undergo many experiences in school life. Participating in class, in CCA, in school events, in interactions with friends and with teachers, in courses, seminars, and workshops, and in learning journeys, we are exposed to a rich, vibrant learning environment. What is the net result of these experiences? This is what we must reflect on.

At the end of the day, when we graduate, what will be our role in society? Will we be active contributors working for the good of our nation? Will we be confident individuals, able to hold our own against the very best and in the most challenging of times? Will we be self-directed – able to seize opportunities and driven with passion in our pursuits? These are important questions we must reflect on as we journey through Serangoon Secondary School.

We are not journeying alone. Just as many others have journeyed before us, and many more will journey after us, we must recognise that we must each play a part in society. Each one of us is important. Each one of us is unique. But each one of us is also alike – as members of the larger community. So each one of us must play our part to build our community – by interacting well with others, by learning to get along and to support each other, by building others up so that we can all achieve our goals, by demonstrating sensitivity and empathy when needed, and also courage when that is needed. When we do this, we will be ensuring a secure future for everyone in our community – we will be Building Community, Building the Future!

Jaswant Singh


2012 Principal's Message

Moulding Character, Igniting Passion, Building Community! These ideas articulated in our school Vision reflect our aspiration for Serangoon Secondary School and Serangoon StaRs.

2011 was a momentous year; it was the year we crafted an identity for ourselves, one that also represents our aspirations for our graduands. The involvement of the school community in articulating this identity, together with the envisioning of a shared future, has sharpened our focus in moving ahead.

I am pleased to share that the school has continued to excel in many arenas. The Moulding of Character plays an integral part in the holistic development of our students. The Character Development Department has adopted the Know-Do-Be model to frame our approach to the inculcation of sound values. The Serangoon Student Leadership Development Programme (SSLeaD), first drafted in 2010, has taken on added focus with differentiated levels of leadership attainment. Together with the record number of NYAA awardees and the enhanced selection process for Student Leaders, this heralds the emergence of the Serangoon student as a leader, one who plays an integral part in any process and contributes actively to development and progress. The graduating students of 2012 have also pioneered student-led CIP and demonstrated the innate potential in our students. Active participation in CCA has further strengthened the development of StaRS and consolidated the inculcation of sound values and lifeskills.

We continue to Ignite the Passion of our students through our curricular choices. 17 students successfully completed ABRSM Level 1 in 2011 and have moved on to ABRSM Level 2. 20 more have enrolled in ABRSM Level 1. 40 students have signed up for our own unique Computer Studies elective for O level students, continuing the trend of our students demonstrating a keen interest in IT-related pursuits. The Secondary 3 batch of 2012 is offered a wider range of subjects in order to enable each student to pursue his/her interests to the fullest. Departments have adopted a deliberate strategy of exposing students to enrichment and competitions so as to enable our students to challenge themselves and set higher targets for themselves. CCA groups have continued to fly the flag high and have participated actively and rigorously in competitions, always maintaining high standards of participation and sportsmanship. Staff have also honed their craft by embarking on Curriculum Innovation and Pedagogy and Assessment related efforts.

As we journey with our school, we must be mindful that our knowledge comes to nought if it is not applied for the Building of the Community and our nation. As active and responsible citizens, we will continue to enhance our impact on those around us in positive ways – by being a good neighbour, by practising sound values, by inspiring others, and by participating actively in growing others. Our student-led CIP at Sec 4/5 is one such example of this noble pursuit. In 2010, we established the Chrysalis Butterfly Park at the Serangoon Park Connector; since then, our students have tended to it as part of environmental education and Science learning in authentic contexts. In 2012, we have adopted Seng Kang Floating Wetland by training student ambassadors who educate the community about the environment and our resources. In school, we have championed greening efforts and planted visages of flora to relax, refresh, educate and inspire the school community.

Next year, our school turns 85. It is timely for us to reflect on how we can build a strong future for our beloved school and ensure that we remain true to our values and aspirations as we journey together to Seek, Strive, and Serve.

Jaswant Singh


2011 Princpal's Message

Moulding Character, Igniting Passion, Building Community

Serangoon Secondary School has entrenched itself for the last 83 years as an educational institution providing quality education for many generations of students. As these students have passed through, and as many others will continue to pass through the gates of this established institution, a common theme has resonated clearly and consistently – the unflagging Serangoon Spirit!

This year, the school community has encapsulated this Serangoon Spirit in an iconic name – StaRs – and an accompanying logo – so as to clarify our identity further.

It inspires us to be beacons of hope and inspiration for others, to lead the way for others to follow, and to model the illuminating qualities much like stars. With this name, we can now, as a community, call ourselves Serangoon StaRs.

What do we as a school community want to continue to focus on as we progress through the years? This is encapsulated in our Vision for the future – Moulding Character, Igniting Passion, Building Community.

As we move forward as StaRs, we will continue to be models of excellent Character, to build our strengths and address areas where we need to develop our selves. This will include being clear about our purpose as students of today and active and contributing citizens representing the future of our country. To be this StaR, we will need considerable amounts of Passion to pursue our interests, to make a positive impact, and to serve as inspirations for others. No matter what the arena, we will strive to be involved wholeheartedly and give of our best at all times, and if necessary do it again and do it better. We will expand our horizons and while developing our selves as STaRs, we will also be mindful of working with the Community and growing the community through positive, meaningful, and impactful endeavours. In short, we must replicate the Serangoon Spirit and make it an addictive entity that cannot be resisted because of its lustrous qualities.

When we continue on this journey aligned to our Vision, we will be assured of a strong future as an educational institution, with a rich history but relevant and even ahead of the times, being a beacon of inspiration, a StaR for others to emulate!

Let the journey begin! star_logo.jpg

Jaswant Singh